Posted by: Ken Chin | October 31, 2016

Psalm 32:8

God is so good. HE hears and HE answers.

I have been working as “Mental Health Assistant” for the past 3 months. I am still learning to cope with my responsibilities in dealing with students/clients with special needs. My working schedules for every weekend is a “Sleep Aide (Sat 11 pm – Sun 8.00 am) followed with a Pick Up Shift (Sun 8.01 am – Sun 5 pm). 90% of my shifts were at the A-Town residence. Thank GOD for it. This Saturday, an extra On-Call shift was added to my schedule from 4 pm- 11 pm). When I found out that I have an extra On-Call shift, I prayed to our GOD ALMIGHTY that I will be send to the same residence in A-Town for all of my shifts for that day and on Sunday. I had to call in to the scheduler at a certain time to find out the residence that I was going to and it may varies.

When I called in for my on call schedule, I was told that I have been assigned to go to B-Town residence. I was a bit discouraged but I believed “things can change”. I asked the Scheduler if he can arranged for a different residence for my “Sleep-Aide” shift and he told me to call him back later.

When I told my wife, Lai Pheng about it, she said,”It can change”. Anyway, I left for work at 3.15pm on that day. Normally, I would set my GPS to get to B-Town but that day, I drove with my trust in GOD that HE will lead me to the residence. When I got to the final path of the destination, there was a T junction and I was wondering which side (right/left) to take. I remember one of them (not sure if it is right/left) will lead me to the B-Town while the other will take me to A-Town. With the Holy Spirit in me, I took a turn and it led towards A-Town instead. I had to make a turn back to get to the B-Town residence.

I arrived at B-Town residence at 3.50pm that day. My mind was all about calling the Scheduler with regards to my “Sleep-Aide” shift. I was hoping that it will be at A-Town residence. When I called in for the Scheduler, he was out. 15 minutes, the Scheduler called back and told me that my On-Call shift in B-Town residence has been changed. I have to go to A-Town residence (AMEN!) for all my shifts scheduled. When I heard of it, I was smiling from eye to eye.

When I was about to get ready to leave for my On-Call shift in A-Town residence, I was told by a staff that I cannot leave yet as they were short of 1 staff.  At the very point, I heard a knock on the door. The staff who was supposed to relieve me came at the most perfect timing. Praise The LORD!

I was praising the LORD all the way to A-Town residence. GOD already knew that my heart’s desire is to work the extras at A-Town residence that day. When I informed the Scheduler if he can arrange a difference residence for my “Sleep-Aide” shift, I did not mentioned that I wanted it in A-Town residence even though, I wanted it badly. When I drove to B-Town residence, I ended on the path to A-Town residence instead. GOD has already set it right for me that I was going to A-Town residence and that was just a preview of it coming.

When i was in B-Town residence, my mind was focussing on calling the Scheduler about my “Sleep-Aide” shift. I believe the Holy Spirit was prompting me to call. When I was told that I was unable to leave as B-Town residence was short of a staff, a staff arrived at the most perfect timing! Isn’t that GOD’s timing?

If I had not inform of the Scheduler that i wanted a different residence, I would have ended up working all my shifts in the same residence and that would have been discouraging to me. As I had prayed and claimed it in the Name of JESUS that morning, I have to put my trust in HIM. The Scheduler had no clue that I wanted to work in A-Town, and yet, I was assigned to A-Town.

GOD is awesome and this was not the only one miracle HE had performed in my life. I have countless of miracles and prayers answered from GOD. This week itself, has got me seeing GOD taking me from two problematic situation to a peaceful transition. I am thankful to GOD for HIS watchful eyes over me. I was praying about my job a month ago and GOD gave me a word in Psalm 32:8. It reads “I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go, I will counsel you and watch over you.”

Also in Psalm 91:15, it reads “He will call upon me and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.”

HE knows what my mind was thinking of and what’s my heart’s desires. I do not know my tomorrow but GOD knows my future. I am having problems trying to cope with my responsibilities in my current job. Sometimes, I wanted to throw in the towel to say,”That’s it”. But GOD, HE knows what’s good and what’s not for me. No matter how bad a situation may be, HE still has a smile on my face which I can hardly do it on my own.  Every time, a situation appears, my focus is on the 2 psalms that GOD has given me to take me through. My strength is from GOD ALMIGHTY, and GOD ALONE.





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